Why HGH Is Crucial For The Body

A renowned notable and decorated epidemiologist once stated that genes exist within your body to ease reproduction, development, care and repair of your body.

Genes are charged with the duty of keeping life.

When genes fail, they cause the disorders people and very many dis orders generally connect with aging.

Nonetheless, what a lot of individuals don’t realize is, the lifestyle one leads is regarded as the crucial variable that makes indication of failing genes.

It’s common knowledge that excessive smoking, poor dieting habits and inactivity leads to the rapid aging process.

Aging causes tissue degeneration, it causes individuals to suffer from sexual dysfunctions, add weight, have really low energy levels, loose considerable muscle mass and have reduced stamina.

They’ve high HGH levels within their bodies, when everybody is youthful which is common knowledge that keeping high human growth hormones levels may be the trick to reverse the aging process.

What’s the obligation of Human Growth Hormone HGH

HGH is seen at quite high levels within our bodies we’re young. HGH is charged with the obligation for the high metabolic rate and rapid growth as a teen that everybody experiences.

Somatotropin is really a name given to Human Growth Hormone. HGH is created by pituitary gland it gets took and discharged to the blood circulation.

Somatotropin stimulates them all to release hormones of their own and uses this opportunity to reach other glands.

The main reason we see visible physical features of hair and face, human growth hormone gets released in pulses which happen during the first periods of slow wave sleep.

Symptoms of Low and Deficiency of HGH Levels within the Body

— Persons who have problems with incredibly human growth hormone levels have problems with conditions such as:
— Increase Stress
— Obesity
– – hypoglycemia and Depression
— Impaired emotional wellbeing
— Impaired Selfcontrol
— Reduced slender body mass
— Memory loss
– – strength and Reduced muscle volume
— Unexplained depression
— Reduced exercise performance
A steady decline is started by human growth hormone either at 21 years old or at 31 years old.

The decrease periods appear because HGH levels are age associated.

Endogenous HGH secretion changes with the nutrition, sex, disease states, physical activity and obesity.

The greatest receptors concentration naturally appears within the liver. Persons involved in physical exercises that call for strenuous exercise routines and weight lifting stimulate human growth hormone creation.

HGH is well known to shed body fat, boost muscle tone, leads to better sleep, reduces wrinkles considerably, is an energy booster, improves operation and sex drive, improves brain functionality and improves heart function as well as immune system.

NB: The down side of injection HGH contains joint pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Development hormones are known to raise connective tissues round your body. Thats why HGH Supplements like GenF20 Plus is the best alternative.

Users are more inclined to come up with diabetes and subject their bodies to high cancer dangers.

However, HGH production within the body is able to be aroused by a suitable diet coupled with regular exercise routine and making use of natural quality HGH supplements.




Health Risks of Using HGH

Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, occurs naturally in the pituitary gland.

It assists children in growing properly and maintaining proper muscle mass.

Human Growth Hormone supplements can be obtained by prescription or through online sources.

There are many reasons why someone would use human growth hormone supplements; for example, children experiencing poor growth due to lack of natural HGH production and AIDS or HIV sufferers experiencing loss of muscle would be ideal candidates for human growth hormone replacement therapy.

On the other side of the spectrum, completely health adults have been using human growth hormone to enhance athletic performance, physical appearance and combat the signs and symptoms of aging for many years.

And rightfully so, as the cosmetic and fitness enhancing benefits of human growth hormones are well documented.

However, much like everything, too much of a good thing isn’t always good.  Irresponsible use of human growth hormone supplements can have disastrous and even life threatening results.

When used incorrectly, without proper guidance, in too high of doses, or with a product of questionable quality, there are many potentially negative health risks that could occur:

Acromegaly: A rare disorder resulting from overly high amounts of human growth hormone, often caused by an over production by the pituitary gland. Using human growth hormone supplements in overly high doses have been known to cause this disorder in otherwise healthy adults.

Effects of Acromegaly include abnormal bone and tissue growth resulting in enlargement of the lips and nose, thickening and widening of the jaw and forehead, a noticeable overbite, displaced teeth.

It can also cause joint pain and swelling, arthritis, excess hair growth in women, weight gain, body odor, heart disease and diabetes.

Anyone with a pre existing medical condition such as diabetes and heart disease should only follow a human growth hormone supplement program under the direct supervision of a qualified medical care provider as the potential for serious health consequences are greater in those with pre existing conditions.

Acquired Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (CJD): A degenerative and highly fatal disease of the brain that is often compared to ‘mad cow’ disease.

This disease is transmitted by exposure to infected tissues in the brain. Before 1985, human growth hormone was derived from the pituitary glands of corpses and the injection of HGH regularly resulted in cases of Creutzfeldt Jakob disease.

It is thought that aftermarket human growth hormone manufactured in third world countries is still made from corpses and therefore presents great risks for CJD and other diseases.

Enlarged Breasts and Tumors: When used incorrectly, human growth hormone supplements can result in abnormal breast enlargement or gynemastia in males. Children are also at risk for this disorder.

Other potential health risks associated with abuse and misuse of human growth hormone supplements include: high blood pressure, acne, leukemia, high blood sugar, pancreatitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, increased spinal curvature in children, high cholesterol and triglycerides, disorders of the joints and excessive sweating.

Healthy adults, with no underlying medical issues, who follow a responsible human growth hormone therapy program have little to worry about in terms of negative and undesirable health risks.

However, like all products of a medicinal or hormonal nature, if the product is abused or used without proper professional guidance there is a great potential for negative and even life threatening results.

Seeking medical guidance and advice prior to starting any sort of hormone replacement therapy is always advisable. Doctors and experienced professionals have access to the knowledge and resources needed to help you make an informed decision.


Crucial Benefits Of HGH

benefits-hghDespite many impressive advances in modern medicine, growing older is inevitable.

Luckily, just because you have to act your age doesn’t necessarily mean you have to look your age.

Not with the added help of human growth hormone, or HGH as most people know it, anyways.

For many people hoping to delay or even reverse the physical and internal signs of aging is as simple as introducing a quality human growth hormone replacement therapy program to the body.

Results happen quicker than you may think. Since many people are born with an inner sceptic, it may be wise to understand how human growth hormones work in the body prior to jumping on the HGH bandwagon.

Human Growth Hormones, HGH, are responsible for facilitating muscle growth and helping to maintain basic organ functions in the body.

HGH also has the ability to govern the production of other hormones in the body, meaning that people who have low human growth hormone levels may also be experiencing some other form of hormone deficiency.

The body naturally creates human growth hormone in the pituitary gland, however, in a normal functioning human this hormone production slows once puberty is reached and for most by the age of 35 (sometimes earlier) HGH levels begin to decline resulting in many of the common symptoms and signs of the aging process.

Once these signs have been recognized and can be linked to decreased levels of human growth hormone it is beneficial to being a regime of HGH replacement therapies.

As most people experienced in the use of human growth hormone supplements can confirm it is possible to delay the visible signs of aging and achieve a more youthful appearance.

This process begins with the repair and replenishment of previously damaged skin cells resulting in softer and much suppler looking skin and further extends to include bigger, leaner and more healthy looking muscle tone.

Essentially, Human Growth Hormone helps users to look and feel younger and stronger while shielding their bones against the harmful effects of aging and combating many age related illness and undesirable elements such as age spots, wrinkles, greying hair, sagging skin and even yellowing eyes.

Anyone suffering through memory loss, or with a family history of dementia or Alzheimer’s related illness should investigate the potential of HGH supplements for combating or even erasing the possibilities that these diseases will occur.

While human growth hormone has not been proven effective for increasing the size of the brain, it can help to repair damaged brain cells to a certain extent.

This is not to say that human growth hormones will cure or prevent every ailment or disease known to man, but, because of its ability to stimulate the production of other hormones, while repairing tissues and cells and facilitating proper muscle growth and development it is possible to slow the effects of many illnesses in order to make them more manageable.

The medical community is often divided on the benefits of human growth hormone, but, as most physicians and other related professional agree human growth hormone supplements are amongst the top rated solutions for helping people to achieve longer lasting, healthier lives.

When used correctly, human growth hormone supplements can lead to healthier looking hair, an enhanced sex life, lean muscle production, a decrease in body fat, an increase in memory, better looking skin, among other things.

These are just a few of the many advantageous benefits of human growth hormones. When combined with a healthy diet and proper exercise routine the possibilities can be endless.

The Three Ways to Get HGH into Your Body

By now anyone with access to television, the Internet, a magazine, or a local fitness center has heard of the astonishing effects of Human Growth Hormone.

But, for many, it is likely that that is where the knowledge stops.

Despite the ads, the small talk, and the late night infomercials, not many can honestly say that they fully understand the process of taking a human growth hormone supplement or how it enters the body.

Is it a potion? A patch? A pill? A needle? A magic light bulb? What?

For anyone looking to experience the effects of human growth hormone first hand, there are three main avenues they can take to introduce the supplement to their body. The first; in pill form.

Like most of the preferable supplements and medications flooding the marketplace, experiencing the wondrous advantages of human growth hormone is as simple as grabbing a glass of water, tilting your head back, and swallowing a tiny little wonder pill.

It should be noted, however, that many experts in the field believe this to be the least valuable method of increasing HGH levels in the body.

Why? Because it is believed that by taking human growth hormone supplements in pill forms only 10% of the hormone is actually released to the blood stream, rendering the entire therapy plan ineffective.

Working on this belief means that in order to achieve results it would be necessary to consume a large amount of pills each day.

Since very few people want to spend their lives living out of a pill bottle, this is one of the least popular methods of HGH therapy. The second method of introducing heightened levels of human growth hormone to the system is through a needle.

There are many reasons why human growth hormone therapy through injections haven’t gained popularity. Asides from societies views on the scars left from needles, and the obvious inconvenience of having to explain why you might be injecting unidentifiable substances into your body, the cost associated with HGH injections is far more than the average person may be willing to pay.

In some locations, human growth hormones in injectable form can run as high as tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Since most people in this economy simply can’t afford that price tag, less reputable providers have been known to offer products as low as $3,000 per year but who is to say what is actually being injected at such a discounted rate?

Another drawback to human growth hormone therapy using needles is the fact that many people require multiple daily injections five days a week – this is not something that a large number of people can readily commit to.

Luckily for them, there is one final option available for introducing HGH to the system. The most popular choice among experts and novice users alike – HGH Sprays.

Touted for being the safest and most effective method of introducing human growth hormone to the body systems, HGH sprays are also among the most affordable.

In fact, a high quality human growth hormone spray regime can cost as little as $1,000 per year. With a properly outlined HGH spray therapy regime, it is possible to obtain amazing results for a cost that most people can honestly afford and don’t have to feel like they need to hide needles or pills bottles to begin.

Anyone looking to begin a quality human growth hormone therapy program should take the time to research, ask questions, and make sure that they have chosen the supplement method that they feel most comfortable with to introduce the hormones to their body.

Bodybuilders Know Why HGH is So Effective

Everyone wants to run faster, leap higher, and pump more iron than the next guy. For these reasons, the popularity of Human Growth Hormone has fluctuated significantly in the fitness and bodybuilding world.

In fact, it has become one of the most preferred supplements of athletes and bodybuilders wanting to become stronger and obtain a bigger more muscular physique.

As an added bonus, human growth hormone also does great things for performance, stamina, and overall energy.

Anyone hoping to chisel their body into something amazing should consider the benefits of Human Growth Hormone supplement therapy. However, even though bodybuilders know the benefits of HGH, is it something for everyone?

Truthfully, the only person qualified to provide medical advice regarding the benefits of human growth hormone therapy is a medical physician. However, it is also possible to ascertain the advice an experienced bodybuilder.

For anyone wishing to avoid stepping into a doctors office, there are many great online sources available for obtaining human growth hormone supplements. Regardless, the effects of HGH do not happen over night.

Many people begin a hormone therapy program expecting immediate results and can be quite shocked to learn that (unlike steroids) the benefits of Human Growth Hormones require dedication and hard work.

As any bodybuilder can attest, looking bigger and being stronger require some pretty serious commitments to the gym. When using human growth hormone supplements, it is necessary to lift weights regularly, live an active life, and expect that results take time.

Genetics are one of the most prevalent factors determining someone’s success as a bodybuilder. Unfortunately for some, this means that regardless of how much time and effort they put into it, they may never be the next Mr. Olympia and they may never be satisfied with the end result.

For those with the added benefits of good genes, however, it is entirely possible to start a proper Human Growth Hormone therapy program and achieve amazing and satisfying results.

One of the most common misconceptions about regular use of human growth hormones is that such supplements are reserved solely for established and more experienced professional bodybuilders.

This simply is not true. It does not require years of previous weight lifting experience or a wall full of competition trophies in order to experience the benefits of HGH. Medically speaking, everyone one the planet has been receiving some sort of compensation from human growth hormones since birth.

HGH is naturally produced in the body, but this natural production slows after the onset of adulthood, with human growth hormone supplements it is possible to increase the amount of HGH in the body and once again start experiencing its many benefits.

Most bodybuilders have access to the best HGH supplements on the market, and therefore do not have to continue to push themselves to lift more or workout harder to obtain results.

For the common folk, however, it will be necessary to devote some pretty serious commitment to muscle building. Luckily, in time, muscles will be bigger and more defined and it will become more about maintenance than development.

The visible results of bodybuilding with HGH assistance happen quite rapidly, this is why human growth hormones have become so popular amongst men in gyms and health clubs across the nation.

They are beginning to realize what bodybuilders have known for so long; it is possible to work hard, give 100% efforts, and reap the benefits of a quality human growth hormone supplement to achieve amazing results.

The most valuable aspect of human growth hormone when used in the fitness and weightlifting world is its ability to generate a pretty impressive increase in muscle mass.

The Simple Facts On HGH

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a popular supplement for people who are trying to fit aging.

Many people take human growth because this is the substance that helps children grow.

It is naturally produced in the body through the pituitary gland. It is also synthetically produced and used in the medical field to help children who are having problems with growth and development.

But, now, adults are taking human growth hormones are a way to slow the signs of aging

Developed to Treat Childhood Disorders

Human growth hormones are designed to treat a variety of different growth disorders in children and adolescents.

Those who have growth disorders like a deficiency in the production of the human growth hormone and Turner’s syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that affects the development of girls.

It is occasionally prescribed for adults who have short bowel disorder, poor muscle tone from HIV and AIDS, and pituitary issues from cancer or other related problems. It was not intended to be used for any other reason.

Commonly Used in the Fitness World

However, in today’s world the most common usage for human growth hormones is in the fitness world. Body builders use them to build muscle and endurance.

Body builders use human growth hormones as steroids and many people worry about the potential long lasting side effects.

Since they have not been used for a full generation, yet, the complete side effects are still unknown. What is known is that HGH really does help weight lifters build muscle.

Popular in the Anti-Aging Market

The newest market for human growth hormones is the anti-aging market. People have wanted to fight aging for years, but now that the word is out with HGH, many people are using the synthetic version to help fight the signs of aging.

Just like with body builders, those who want to fight aging can do it quickly with human growth hormones, but also just like with body builders, the long term side effects are still unknown.

Stop the Signs of Aging

Many people are able to get HGH through their physicians for reversing and pausing the signs of aging. Even though the FDA does not recommend prescribing HGH for any other than the disorders it was originally designed to help, doctors prescribe it all of the time.

People who cannot get it through their physicians are able to get it from online pharmacies that do not require prescriptions written by a licensed physician.

Enhance the Signs of Human Growth Hormones

When people purchase human growth hormones, they either purchase them to work on their own or to enhance their own body’s manufacturing of HGH.

When synthetic human growth hormones are advertised, the manufacturers and retailers tell the potential customers that HGH will reverse the signs of aging.

They will say that HGH helps build and tone muscle, improve sex lives, build energy and improve the immune system.

Men will enjoy renewed hair growth and both men and women will see the gray slowly leave from their hair. Both men and women will see their biological clock turn back, as the HGH restores a feeling of youth and rejuvenation.

Human growth hormones will also improve sleep, memory, and vision. They also help improve blood sugar by bringing it back to a normal state.

Take as a Spray or as Drops

Many people take human growth hormones in a spray or in drops that they place under their tongues. If you take the hormone in the form of a pill or tablet, it is digested before it can be properly absorbed into the body to be used properly by the endocrine system.

Ask Your Doctor for a Prescription

If you decide you want to use human growth hormones, you will want to speak to your doctor. Buying medications from online pharmacies can be very risky.

Some online pharmacies buy their drugs from secondary markets that do not use the best manufacturing techniques.

You could end up with what you think is real human growth hormone medication, but you could end up with something else that could make you quite ill.

Dangerous Side Effects

There are many potential side effects if you choose to take HGH for a non-medical reason or even if you take it for a medical reason.

You could experience pain in your nerves, joints, and muscles. Your body could also suffer from edema, which is when the body swells from excess fluid in the tissues. You can also develop carpal tunnel syndrome which is quite painful.

You could also experience numbness in your body, which will make you feel tingling in your body, too.

Human growth hormones can also increase your chances for developing high cholesterol levels. You can also develop a great risk for cancerous tumors as well as the potential for diabetes.

How Important Is It To Take an HGH Product?

If you’ve made the choice to start taking an HGH supplement then the next step is likely to pick out which brand you’ll be using.

Before you settle on one it’s important to know just how important the quality is when it comes to HGH supplements.

There are number of reasons you may have chosen to start taking an HGH supplement, whether you want to feel more energized, have a better physique, feel and look younger among other benefits.

With incredible medical backing behind them, they are growing in popularity which is both good and bad for the consumer.

It’s good because you can easily buy them at any nutritional supplement store, but bad in a sense the market is growing and so are the options available.

It can be extremely overwhelming to pick which one is best for you and with prices all over the board, what’s the right thing to do?

What is an HGH Supplement Used For?

When you’re young your body produces the human growth hormone (HGH) at a fantastic level. It helps you recover and produce better, which is needed during those adolescence years.

This production of HGH slows down as you age, which results in your feeling and looking older.

People who take HGH supplements routinely feel more energized, youthful and just healthier all around.

Why is High Quality Better?

When it comes to HGH supplements, quality actually matters. For most the best solution is to take an HGH supplement that is designed to support the body’s natural creation of HGH.

The best quality ones are those that act more as a supplement to help the body along, rather than replacing the function all together.

HGH use is extremely popular among athletes, who most often use the injection style approach.

This form of HGH can cause some pretty nasty sides effects such as carpal tunnel syndrome, inflamed and painful joints, breasts can become enlarged in men and gynecomastia.

When injected there is such a large amount in the bloodstream the body is unsure of what to do with it. Not only that but they are very expensive, costing up to $1,000-$2,500 per month. They are not available over the counter, a prescription is needed for them.

Spotting the Right HGH Supplement

So just how do you determine which ones are high quality? It’s always wise to do a little investigating online, not only about HGH supplements but about the manufacturer as well.

Along with quality comes safety, so you need to make sure the product is safe. As well make sure that the manufacturer stands behind its product by offering a full money back guarantee.

The best ones to pick are those that use all natural herbs with zero synthetic ingredients. Natural herbs are not only safer to put into your body since they carry no side affects but they also do a better job at motivating the body into creating more HGH.

Don’t be fooled by the price tag. Just because you pick up the most expensive one, doesn’t mean you’re getting the best quality.

Take for instance wine. Unless you are a wine expert, the chances are you probably can’t tell much a difference between the different prices points and in a lot of cases, you will likely prefer the cheaper brands.

Product pricing is often tied into marketing so you don’t want to be pulled into that. In fact, a good quality HGH supplement shouldn’t cost you more than a few hundred dollars per year.

It’s always wise to research thoroughly any supplement you are considering taking and HGH supplements are no exception to this rule.

HGH Growth Hormone For Better Bodies

Human growth hormones are an extremely popular medication for men and women of all ages. Older adults take the supplement as an injection to improve endurance and energy.

Younger adults take human growth hormones for the same reasons, but they do it to improve their physical shape and ability. Older adults take the supplement because they want to slow the signs of aging.

Sylvester Stallone Used Human Growth Hormones

There are several celebrities who have spoken about how they have used human growth hormones as older adults. One of those celebrities is Sylvester Stallone.

He used human growth hormones before filming Rambo IV.

He used it because it helped him achieve the ripped, muscular stature that he was known for in his other movies. Because it takes a lot of work and discipline to achieve a highly toned body, he used the human growth hormone injections to help him get that look faster.
Athletes Usage

However, when athletic young men or aging adults choose to use human growth hormones for any reason, they should be aware of the potentially dangerous side effects.

The side effects are very serious and they can develop into lifelong disorders, like diabetes. Human growth hormones have been shown to cause cancer and mice in the labs have developed it after being injected with human growth hormones.

Potential Side Effects

Some of the other common, but hazardous side effects include edema, high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Some people also develop breathing disorders from human growth hormones.

If you simply take human growth hormones one time, you will not experience side effects, but since the synthetic drug requires regular use, you will end up with quite a bit of the drug in your body by the time you are finished.

History of HGH

Human growth hormones were first synthesized to help children who were fighting growth disorders. It is regularly prescribed to treat disorders in those children. It is also regularly prescribed in adults for a few disorders, too.

Those disorders are muscle weakness due to AIDS/HIV and short bowel syndrome. When the drug is prescribed either for adults or children, the physician closely monitors the patients for any of the potentially bad side effects.

Extra Energy

Many young men take human growth hormones to help them in the gym. One of the biggest reasons is that human growth hormones give adults an extra burst of energy.

When regularly inject themselves with human growth hormones, they notice that they can lift more weights at higher repetitions.

This helps them build stronger muscles and get to the lean, ripped look faster than if they did not take the human growth hormones.

Athletes in Trouble

Even though many weight lifters like to use human growth hormones to improve their muscle tone and endurance, there are many professional and amateur competing athletes who have gotten into trouble with the controlling agencies in their sports for using human growth hormones.

The synthetic drug is treated like a steroid and is banned in many athletic areas. Athletes have lost titles and awards after it was discovered that they used human growth hormones to enhance their performance.

It is not fair to the athletes who have trained in a clean and legitimate fashion, so sports authorities have stepped up to ban human growth hormones in almost every sport.

Fountain of Youth

Many adults think that they have found the Fountain of Youth in their human growth hormones. Many feel that they have discovered the fountain of youth because they feel younger and full of energy.

Many adults who have had regular injections of human growth hormones do not feel tired or depressed or any of the problems that they have experienced in the past as they have grown older.

Since so many men and women do not want to grow old, the human growth hormone injections can help them stay young, at least in their bodies and minds.

Dangerous of Unregulated Online Pharmacies

Besides the side effects, there is another danger associated with human growth hormones. The problem is not a side effect, but is due to the unregulated online pharmacy industry.

Since many young adults who want to have a better physique and many older adults who do not want to age do not qualify for prescriptions from their physicians, they turn to online pharmacies to find their human growth hormones.

The online pharmacy industry does not get their drugs from the same reputable manufacturers that licensed pharmacies do, those who buy their drugs from online pharmacies have the potential to get bad drugs.

When you buy prescription medication from unlicensed pharmacies, you are not guaranteed to get the same quality medications that you get from the neighborhood pharmacy.

Because of this, you could put potentially hazardous compounds into your body and who knows what they could do to you.

HGH Injections vs Natural HGH Releasers

Perhaps you’re new to the whole human growth hormone (HGH) fad and the ability to have it made available to you through injection or as a supplement.

There are a number of factors to consider before making your decision, let’s take a look at what’s involved.

Why Use An HGH Injection or Supplement?

Before you make a decision on which method is best for you, perhaps you’re wondering why you should be considering either option at all?

As mentioned, HGH is in fact the human growth hormone. In our younger years of adolescence our body produces HGH in abundance.

It helps our body recover quickly, feel energized and look healthy. The aging process slows down the creation of HGH leaving many with a number of complaints.

HGH Injections

What Is It: HGH is given through injection. It is absorbed extremely quickly into the bloodstream so results are pretty much instantaneous.

Who Uses It: This particular form is most often used by athletes and celebrities

Price: Typical price range is $1,000-$2,500 per month

Pros: As mentioned, because it is injected, it is absorbed quickly so results are immediate. Athletes prefer this type of method so they can see faster results and see performance enhancement right away. Bodybuilders have been known to use this form as a way of building strength and muscle quickly.

Cons: Besides the high cost, there are a number of other cons. These injections are only available by prescription. They need to be injected two times a day either intramuscularly or subcutaneously. It is believed that too much of HGH is circulating through the blood, so the body doesn’t actually know what to do with it. It doesn’t encourage the natural creation of HGH. Side effects have been known to include water retention, low blood sugar, liver damage and the enlargement of some organs.

HGH Supplements

What is it: This is a pill that is taken usually before going to bed. A good quality one should be made of 100% natural pure herbs, with no trace of synthetic ingredients. They are meant to increase the body’s natural production of the HGH.

Who it’s for: These can be use by most people results are slower than that of the injection route

Price: Prices range all over the place however spending a few hundred dollars a year is pretty common

Pros: Because this form is made from 100% pure herbs, it is the safest method of taking HGH. Those who use them on a regular daily basis report such benefits as feeling more energized, looking more youthful, benefiting from a better immune system and just greater overall health.

Cons: Because there are so many on the market, it is easy to pick up one that doesn’t do as it claims. There are brands that aren’t high quality and aren’t made up of 100% pure herbs.

When choosing between HGH injection versus supplement it really comes down to safety, side effects and cost and the pros and cons of each are clearly visible.

Aging and the Effects on Growth Hormone Production

Although people, in general, are living longer today than at any other point in recorded history, the quality of life in old age is steadily declining.

Sure, we can keep people alive with drugs well into their late 70s and early 80s, but is it worth it?  I used to work in a nursing home and I can tell you that there is a distinct difference in being alive and living.

My job involved interacting with people who were barely alive and had lost nearly all of the dignity they once had.

In fact, many of my patients barely knew who they were and frequently were not able to recognize their own children or grandchildren who would come to visit them on the weekends and holidays.

How did they get this way?

The science of aging is not understood nearly as well as it probably should be since it is something that happens to every single one of us at some point in our lives.

One thing we know for sure is that, as we age, our bodies and our minds begin to atrophy until we are only able to cling to life by being injected full of drugs.

How does this happen?

Some recent studies point to the body’s declining production of a hormone known as HGH or human growth hormone as a significant contributor to the breakdown we experience in our lives during middle age.

HGH is produced in our bodies at extremely high levels in our youth but, after we hit puberty in the teenage years, its production experiences a steady decline.

HGH is important to our bodies because it significantly affects production and growth of healthy cells and can contribute to maintaining a normal metabolism in the body.

When the production of HGH begins to slow in our bodies, we experience weight gain, decreased metabolism, lowered energy levels, hair loss, and sleeplessness among other symptoms typically chalked up to “aging”.

Although modern medicine has not invented a fool proof way to completely restore our HGH production to the levels we experience during puberty, there are a few products on the market that have demonstrated positive results in helping to enhance HGH production in our bodies.

These products include HGH injections, HGH sprays, and HGH releasers.  Injections are often used in extreme cases of HGH deficiency where hormone therapy is required to correct underlying medical issues.  These treatments are extremely expensive and must be received monthly to be effective.

HGH sprays are widely available over the counter but have mixed reviews in terms of their ability to affect HGH production in the body.

HGH releasers are currently the most popular growth hormone products on the market and enjoy a wide range of consumer support.

In fact, many body builders, even in their 20s, have used these enhancers to build lean muscle mass.  Other middle aged consumers have reported positive results in terms of increased energy and stamina as well as weight loss.